GreenPlecoLite App Reviews

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What a crazy game!

Worth checking out. 3 games in one.


Plecostomi are awesome!

Oscar fish time

How do get a tank

Great app!

I own a lot of free apps, but this one is my favorite right now - Fun and good for the environment. :)

3 games in 1!!!! NOW we are talking!

Amazing special effects and well rendered fishes! Fun and challenging. What a game should be!

Great Game

I love this game, beautiful illustrations and animation…lots of fun too

Nice game!

Beautiful animation! I love the ray character. It looks cool!


Very nice app!

Love it!

The fish movement in Green Pleco is beautiful. Tough game. It will take some time to get through these levels.

Warning must read

It is a fun little game and I play it when I get mad sad happy >:( :(:)


Great game and absolute time killer..... Also the environment theme makes it cooler :)

Cool game with catchy graphics!

This game is pretty simple made with some brilliant graphics overall. Two game modes works pretty neat. Time killing one!

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